Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Help for victims of Leah Kleim

Leah Kleim makes a living extorting people, usually taking advantage of the victim's perceived status. Her favorite victims are rabbis because the reputation is so critical in the community that it's really easy money. She also has been known to attempt to bring down the occasional doctor or lawyer, just to give examples. leah kleim shtick dreck, kleim, leah, leah kleim, extortion, kleim, leah kleim, chabad
I am posting this to advise anyone who may be doing a search on Leah Kleim, or anyone thinking of posting to her blog, calling, or emailing her. Heed the warning: STAY AWAY. She often lures potential victims with offers to call her or email her, but it always leads to an attempt to defame the unsuspecting person. The manager of this blog, Pinny, was tricked in this way; the piece-of-trash began a blog labeling Pinny a "child molester" of all things; of course any personal data on the defamatory site was found using google or taken from this blog, so the attack is a fairly weak one. Nevertheless, I would advise anyone to avoid getting involved with the "person" (the term hardly applies here) at all.

The number of people who have been thus affected has grown to the extent that there are even blogs dedicated to retaliating. Some people have attempted to defend their good name in the same way. pExample! At this website, just reading the comments to the posts will give the interested party an idea of the broad scope of the hatred for this malicious character.eter sices, dr. sices, peter E. sices, md, pinchas leah kleim, kleim, kleim