Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where to find FREE e-books....

Google book search has many books in the public domain for free download. These are available in text and .pdf formats. The search allows you to select books with full text available as well. Use the advanced search function. The books are mostly scanned from affiliate university libraries.

www.freebookspot.com has full books for free download. Most of these are in .pdf format though there are a few in .djv also. These are downloaded via various services such as rapidshare which offer some free or premium services. The list is heavy with computer and scientific titles, but there is also a nice variety. Warning: some of these titles may be under copyright.

Newsgroups, particularly alt.binaries.e-book.technical has many titles for free download. You need newsgroup server access, which you may get for free via your ISP, or you can subscribe to a service for a reasonable fee. Examples include Usenet and Newsgroups-binaries. A newsreader/search engine is also very useful. I use Xnews.

Of course, don't forget Project Gutenberg, which has a growing list of thousands of public domain titles in multiple formats: www.gutenberg.net .

Finally, most torrent sites have a long list of available e-books including audio e-books. Checkout Mininova for searching torrents and download them with utorrent.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Roger Waters tour book...

Available: In very good condition, one tourbook for Roger Waters, The Wall, Live in Berlin 1990; includes the original mask used by me in the concert. (I'm 10th row center there in the DVD version of the show).

Any guesses as to worth?